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Have you ever struggled to flip through that really thick and clumsy Chinese-English dictionary in search for a translation of a word or phrase? I’m sure many of you if you are not using the handheld electronic dictionary, would have experienced the inconvenience of trying to count the number of strokes in a Chinese character and flipping through the pages of the dictionary but to realise that you ended up in the wrong page as you counted wrongly.

With the recent debate on adjustment of Mother Tongue weightage in PSLE, the highlight has been put on the teaching methods, learning tools and curriculum for the Mother Tongue language.  In particular, those students that may find the Chinese language to be especially difficult to learn due to their predominantly English-speaking background certainly feel that a change or improvement is required.

In light of this, as part of our EduSnips series, we shall introduce to you the Perapera-kun translator! So what is the Perapera-kun Translator and what does it do to help students and educators?

 The Perapera-kun translator is a add-on for Mozilla Firefox internet browser, another immensely popular browser other than the Internet Explorer. This add-on is amazingly useful for students who are weak in the Chinese language and would want to improve by seeking for fast and immediate(almost) translation without the hassles of flipping dictionaries or inputting into handheld dictionaries. The Perapera-kun Translator immediately pops-up a box with an English translation as your mouse hover over the Chinese word or phrase. Hence, this tool greatly reduces the time lag and cumbersomeness in trying to translate and comprehend physically via a dictionary or an electronic one. Imagine reading an interesting article with lots of difficult Chinese words that you would want to learn in a breeze! 

Students and educators can definitely use the Perapera-kun Translator to great effect when reading or sourcing for interesting Chinese articles like from our local omy.sg or even tapping into the huge range of Chinese internet resources via baidu.com. And for our ConsultAtutor Chinese Language personal home tutors, you might want to leverage on this tool as a stepping stone to how you can make your Chinese tutorials more fun and enriching to the students in ConsultAtutor’s One-to-One Tutoring Program using the vast resources available on Chinese websites! Be creative and explore to refine and broaden your teaching method and styles!

How to install and use Perapera-kun:

1. Download Mozilla Firefox (if you haven’t)

2. Download the Perapera-kun Translator (version 2.1 ) add-on

3. Download the Chinese-English Perapera-kun dictionary (scroll down the page and look for it)

4. Go to any Chinese websites like Sougou,  ZaoBao or Omy

5. Enable the translator by clicking on the star at the bottom right hand corner and hover across any Chinese word or phrase you would like to translate

6. Enjoy surfing using the Perapera-kun Translator!

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TechBites Series: Cool “Bladeless” Fan

Dyson Air Multiplier

Dyson Air Multiplier

We have all seen the good old household fan or ceiling fan around almost everyday. Think that the fan has to exist with blades inside a cage? You probably have not thought about how it doesn’t need to be so!  

What we are featuring in this part of the series is a new product called the Air Multiplier invented by Dyson, a household appliances giant famous for innovation and design. This breakthrough in technology could mean that your household fan in the future would need no blades!  

Besides making your household chore lighter as its so much easier to clean, it is also very safe when children are playing around in the house. Not only is it easy to clean without a cage, the Air Multiplier also packs a punch with a technology that delivers the wind to you in a cool, smooth breeze instead of intermittent waves of air to bring about a much more pleasurable experience. 

Surely the Air Multiplier looks great and feel good, but it does not come cheap at around SGD$400!! We’ll leave it for you to do the maths.   

Into the tech stuff, how the Air Multiplier works is to draw air into the unit using an internal fan (it does have a fan actually, just that you do not see it now) and accelerates the air 15x through its loop amplifier (the big round tube that you see). Fluid dynamics is the key in the acceleration. If you are into Physics or currently studying JC Physics, do check out the short video on How it Works to find out more. 

For more interesting articles on technology from our TechBites series, stay tuned by “favoriting” ConsultAtutor.com!     

Dyson Air Multiplier in use    


How It Works     

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How a Tower Crane goes uP and UP

Ever been puzzled over how tower cranes that you often see keep going up? Or you just can’t find an appropriate explanation to your child’s question when she bugs you for an answer as you stroll past a construction site with her?

Fret not anymore. Here’s a video (below) with amazing 3D Computer Aided Design graphics that you can show to your child to know more about how this Tower Crane is amazingly designed and used to build the flats or apartments that we live in. It probably could answer your childhood question that you haven’t been able to after so long!

And, if you are a ConsultAtutor 1-to-1 personal home tutor teaching Primary Science or Upper Secondary Physics, you can probably think of a way to make lessons on Forces, Moments etc. more interesting with such “real-life” visual learning in 3D. Bridging a link between theory and practical applications in real life scenarios does give students/tutees greater impetus to explore the topics they are learning in school and in tutorials. 

Have fun and enjoy the cool video!

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