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How a Tower Crane goes uP and UP

Ever been puzzled over how tower cranes that you often see keep going up? Or you just can’t find an appropriate explanation to your child’s question when she bugs you for an answer as you stroll past a construction site with her?

Fret not anymore. Here’s a video (below) with amazing 3D Computer Aided Design graphics that you can show to your child to know more about how this Tower Crane is amazingly designed and used to build the flats or apartments that we live in. It probably could answer your childhood question that you haven’t been able to after so long!

And, if you are a ConsultAtutor 1-to-1 personal home tutor teaching Primary Science or Upper Secondary Physics, you can probably think of a way to make lessons on Forces, Moments etc. more interesting with such “real-life” visual learning in 3D. Bridging a link between theory and practical applications in real life scenarios does give students/tutees greater impetus to explore the topics they are learning in school and in tutorials. 

Have fun and enjoy the cool video!

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