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TechBites Series: Cool “Bladeless” Fan

Dyson Air Multiplier

Dyson Air Multiplier

We have all seen the good old household fan or ceiling fan around almost everyday. Think that the fan has to exist with blades inside a cage? You probably have not thought about how it doesn’t need to be so!  

What we are featuring in this part of the series is a new product called the Air Multiplier invented by Dyson, a household appliances giant famous for innovation and design. This breakthrough in technology could mean that your household fan in the future would need no blades!  

Besides making your household chore lighter as its so much easier to clean, it is also very safe when children are playing around in the house. Not only is it easy to clean without a cage, the Air Multiplier also packs a punch with a technology that delivers the wind to you in a cool, smooth breeze instead of intermittent waves of air to bring about a much more pleasurable experience. 

Surely the Air Multiplier looks great and feel good, but it does not come cheap at around SGD$400!! We’ll leave it for you to do the maths.   

Into the tech stuff, how the Air Multiplier works is to draw air into the unit using an internal fan (it does have a fan actually, just that you do not see it now) and accelerates the air 15x through its loop amplifier (the big round tube that you see). Fluid dynamics is the key in the acceleration. If you are into Physics or currently studying JC Physics, do check out the short video on How it Works to find out more. 

For more interesting articles on technology from our TechBites series, stay tuned by “favoriting” ConsultAtutor.com!     

Dyson Air Multiplier in use    


How It Works     

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