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“Think-Out-of-the-Box” Multiplication Method

Ever wonder that other than your calculator or the manual working method which you have learnt in Primary school, are there any other ways to do your simple multiplication sums?

Here’s one really interesting way to do it!

Have fun trying it out-the pictorial way of solving multiplication sums but we don’t recommend using it if not you will have a hard time solving 999 x 999!

Tutors and parents: Feel free to share this with your students or children as a fun exercise or as a way to wow them and show how fun Maths can be!

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Changing Education Paradigms

Ever thought of WHY people are in this “rat race” in the modern world where they  “paper chase” and teach their kids to do so too in a never-ending cycle?

Arguable, it is entirely human nature to better oneself’s prospect and yes..purely of own personal choice sometimes in the spirit to excel.

But what if you are inhibited by the education system that places emphasis on some field that you entirely do not have the passion to excel in much less to say about the talent to do so?And you want to really pursue something you dream of?

Then its important to understand how to get around it and pursue your dreams by paving your own way. “If there is a will, there is a way!” But first, understand how people in your own society views education and whether YOU are stuck in that paradigm or in a NUTS- No U-Turn Syndrome.

Start thinking differently and see things in a different perspective!

This video by RSA Animate- Changing Education Paradigms might help to get you started off. If you are the inspirational type of tutor from ConsultAtutor or even a parent who wants to fire up the passion in your child, watch this.

Passion to Teach!

Most, if not all teachers, tutors or educators alike aim to inspire their students and to make a difference in them and their future.

As quoted by wiki, “Education in the largest sense is any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character or physical ability of an individual. In its technical sense, education is the process by which society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills and values from one generation to another.”

And this noble duty to be able to impart knowledge to our young requires….. PASSION!

A tutor with the student in mind and tries to understand their learning habits or what makes them learn is definitely a good example of how putting yourself in one’s shoes definitely helps. Students hate boring lectures read seemingly from a script or rote learning in your typical primary or secondary school. Good tutors makes a point to inject what is required into an otherwise dead and dry topic to make the subject alive!

Here’s a video of MIT Professor Walter Lewin which very much exemplifies how being a passionate tutor can make a difference in your teaching style and more importantly, in your students’ lives.

As quoted by Professor Walter, a physics professor..    “If you don’t love physics, it means you’ve had a bad teacher!”

Whether you are a school teacher, professional lecturer or a ConsultAtutor Personal Home Tutor, now you’ve got the message, think of how you can inspire your student and you can very much make a difference

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