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Fun with Fibonacci

For JC students learning Series in A’ Level maths, have some fun watching this video of how Fibonnaci numbers are observed in nature and how they are being “applied” in plants!

Tutors, show this to your students when you are teaching about Series to inject some fun into this seemingly boring topic!

“Think-Out-of-the-Box” Multiplication Method

Ever wonder that other than your calculator or the manual working method which you have learnt in Primary school, are there any other ways to do your simple multiplication sums?

Here’s one really interesting way to do it!

Have fun trying it out-the pictorial way of solving multiplication sums but we don’t recommend using it if not you will have a hard time solving 999 x 999!

Tutors and parents: Feel free to share this with your students or children as a fun exercise or as a way to wow them and show how fun Maths can be!

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Using Apple’s iPad as a Teaching Aid

Ipad teaching

iPad as an Education Tool at Wake Forest University, US by Ken Bennett

Apple’s iPods, iPod Touch and iPhones have revolutionalise the way we lead our lives side by side with smart electronic gadgets. The design and ingenuity of a platform created by AppStores have created a new phenomenon of Apps or applications that basically bundles up mutiple uses of every single app into a one stop shopping gateway for features, utilities, games you name it. In the advent of the iPad, life with such smart gadgets has just gone up another level.

With the introduction of Apple’s iPad, new ways to teach and educate our young has emerged-in a wave. Schools in various parts of the world have started pilot projects on using iPad as a teaching aid, leveraging on its large screen, intuitive interface, portable slim design and of course, the multitude of application softwares that are accessible with a touch on the screen. No more CDs, no more bulky desktops, no more oversized monitors that obstructs teacher-student’s view and best of all, convenience.

If you are an educator like a ConsultAtutor Personal Home Tutor at ConsultAtutor.com, think of whether you can customise your lessons further according to the students’ needs and make lessons more interactive, fun and enriching using teaching aids like the iPad and its various wonderful apps that are increasing by the day. The pedagogic potential of iPad with its apps is immense and this is probably the beginning to how enhanced learning will become in the future.

Well, just an interesting point to note- the iPad’s isn’t the first and it definitely won’t be the last innovative education solution. The “Pad” term coined by Apple isn’t new either, our very own Singapore schools have in fact, once pilot tested iPad’s so-called “predecessor” albeit to a lesser extent- the EduPAD.

The EduPAD

Find out more about the iPad and its educational Apps or EduApps that you could employ/ customise here or here and start making a difference to your students’ learning experience!

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Toys, Lego and children’s creativity


Have you noticed something special about the cake?? =)

Have you wondered how you can enhance your children’s creativity when they are young?

The very toys that your children play with and get entertained could be the key to making an impact on how creative and inspiring they could be when they grow up. It might seem to be all the more confusing on how to make a choice and ascertain what learning value each has when there are so many toys available out there in different types and forms.

A wonderful quote as aptly put by Albert Einstein: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Different toys if chosen appropriately helps aid in a child’s development ranging from physical, cognitive, social and emotional aspects. Toys allow children’s imagination to be tapped on and fosters experiential learning.

One such toy that has been made famous by Lego are blocks. These brightly coloured blocks that come with different pieces helps children to build and create something that they envision in their mind. They can make changes and additions to it as they wish and even challenge other kids by trying to build something better. Hence, they are able to develop dexterity, creativity and even social skills while doing what is kids’ work- playing.

Try to understand more about how toys can actually play a part in your child’s development today. You might discover so much more about how important they are to aid in your child’s creativity than you already know. Let your children have fun with edutainment!

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Have you explored the potential of “EDUtainment”?


It is the 21st century now where the kids of today are in touch with a plethora of multimedia, different tech gadgets and also social networking platforms. You won’t be surprised if you have seen a Primary School kid fiddling with an iPhone or maybe playing games on Facebook!

So, have you ever thought of how these “gadgets” or multimedia can be of any constructive use to your kids learning?

To put things in perspective, you can actually think of how all these multimedia can serve an objective in aiding your child’s learning. Education + entertainment = Edutainment. This equation serves a reminder that a well-balanced mix between the two components does achieve a wholesome effect. It’s all about having fun while learning right!

Games with educational content and learning with multimedia platforms have been proven to better allow kids or students to explore topics that they are interested in greater depth. It not only empowers them with the impetus to find out about something they are really passionate about, but also put the fun in learning new things first before all the hard facts.  

I hope I have got you started thinking of how a reasonable amount of “Edutainment” can help your child. As for ConsultAtutor Personal Home Tutors, use your creativity to find a way to expand the range of teaching tools by using simple games, animations, videos or even real-life examples to bring the tutorials to life!

Remember, set the objective and balance the “edu” and “tainment”!

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