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Thinking out of the box

Learning how to think in different perspectives and “out of the box” needs to be nurtured from young. Not only do schools come up with curriculum that encourage creativity, various organisations have been actively trying to promote a culture of innovation and “design thinking”.

The skill, or you can put it as a habit to be a creative thinker who challenges the existing norms to come up with solutions that solves different problems that could not be solved as effectively using conventional methods has to be honed and cultivated from young. Having this skill/habit to be able to think out of the box will allow you or your child to be a great asset to the company, employee or entrepreneur alike.

Start from home! Parents have a part to play in moulding their children’s thoughts and behaviour by providing them with a conducive environment to learn and creating a family culture of open conversations and engaging activities that helps to unleash every child’s creative potential in them. Check out a simple video we have for you of how household chores like teaching your child to fold his/her own clothes can be an example for your child of how things can be done in a different way simply by “thinking out of the box”!

Maybe you would like to challenge your children first by letting them do it the conventional way before you show them how simple it can be by doing it another way. Have fun!

Click here for step by step instructions in English.

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