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December Holiday Programme for Your Children

After a month’s break, editorials for ConsultAtutor Community Blog are back! Exams are nearly over if not already over for some, so what is the plan for the children for the December holiday?

Here are some activities you might want to consider immersing your children in and of course, depending on their age and learning level choose the best for your children’s holistic development! Below are some information that would hopefully help to kickstart your planning.

 Enrichment Lessons

Lessons that teach children in general, topics that overlap to a certain extent school subjects gives additional value to what is learnt in textbooks. Application and exposure to learning beyond the school compound and into nature is an example of extremely beneficial enrichment lessons. The Singapore Botanic Gardens has some very interesting enrichment classes for children you might want to take a look here.

Sports, Music or Dance Lessons

 Ever been bugged by your children to learn how to skate like a pro, talent classes like roller blading are activities outside of the usual academic subjects. Unless you are arranging your children for swimming, tennis or even piano classes, you might want to consider the holiday programme this skate school has over here.


Arts and Crafts

Want your child to learn the fine arts, pick up some handcrafts skills or hone creativity and psychomotor skills? Arts and Crafts’s a good choice. Get to know about how your child can join the Singapore Arts Festival.mune programmes ongoing from Oct to Dec 2010 to learn something and have fun at the same time here.

Outdoor Activities


Want to have some great fun outdoors with you children? Think of going wild with exciting activities like flying a kite at the Marina Barrage, exploring the Southern Ridges or zooming down Singapore’s tallest slide at TheSlide@T3 in Changi Airport!


Alternatively, if you are one of those parents scratching their heads on how to improve on your children’s grades especially if PSLE, O or A’ Levels is in the coming year, get a headstart before school reopens and begin weekly or twice weekly tutorials at your residence by requesting for a one-to-one personal home tutor with like so many others had over here! With that amount of free time available in December holidays, as the saying goes: Work hard! & Play hard!

With so many activities to choose from start planning today with your children if you haven’t!

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