Tutoring Guide Series: Professionalism and why it is so important


Professionalism is important and is directly correlated to the attitude of an individual in any given role in the workplace. As educators and someone who has been entrusted with the task to mould our children’s future and make a difference in their lives, ConsultAtutor Personal Home Tutors are of no exception where professionalism is required. This is especially so when a large part of the student’s enrichment time has been allocated specially to the Personal Home Tutor for 1-to-1 coaching.

Moving on, setting high standards in the tutorials curriculum and catering to a multitude of teaching styles to suit students of different learning type & capabilities is one of the most important aspects of being a ConsultAtutor Personal Home Tutor. Not to undermine the passion of being an educator in our family of personal home tutors, professionalism also plays a big part in potentially unleashing the full potential of a child albeit when given enough time.

Here are some must-knows for our “new” ConsultAtutor Personal Home Tutors!

  1. Be sure about your scheduling and abide to the arranged schedule once agreed.
  2. Always be early.
  3. Bring along your paper qualifications/ testimonials (if you had your certs verified by ConsultAtutor) for the 1st tutorial.
  4. Get to know alot more about the student starting from the 1st tutorial. Speak and communicate professionally with the student and preferably the parent to immediately get hold of the situation and student’s progress.
  5. Be reasonably well-dressed for tutorials.
  6. Prepare materials in advance and get students’ exam schedule early for scheduling of tutorial lessons and tutorial curriculum.
  7. Use the ConsultAtutor Monitoring System for max. effectiveness for easy tracking and communication with the parent regarding student/tutorial progress.
  8. Understand more about the student’s learning patterns/type/style and opt for the most suitable delivery method.
  9. Be punctual on start and end times but like most other ConsultAtutor Personal Home Tutors, do stay a little longer during exam preparation period whenever possible to answer any queries. 

Now you’ve got it. Do practice it and remember always that you can make a positive impact to students’ lives!

(picture courtesy from Beeker)

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